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THAT Dress

4th August, 2013

I don’t know if you know this or not, but about a month ago, I got married.

It really was the best day of my life.

I’m still buzzing and I can’t wait to write about it.

So, with that in mind, this is the first in a series of posts that will be about my recent nuptials (to the wonderful Alex Adams) and where better to start than with “THAT dress”?!  At first I thought I should start at the beginning of the whole planning process with the invitations that I designed, and then I thought… naaaaah!  That’s no fun!  I want to talk about the dress and I want to have your attention right from the off…so here goes!

When Alex & I first got engaged, I was adamant that I would be making my dress.  I looked at magazines, real weddings, celebrity weddings, catwalk shows, fabrics and dresses here there and everywhere.  I put together a design I was confident would be perfect for me and I found two different patterns that I could splice together in order to make that one, perfect, dress.

I even went out on an initial dress trying trip just to be sure the shape I had chosen would be right for me.  And ultimately I believed it was.

So I went right ahead and made the first draft of the pattern out of calico, and this is how it looked;

‘Scuse the face, this was an awkward selfie whilst I held the back closed and tried to stand up straight on some enormous heels!

So what do you think?  I loved it!!  It was perfect for my figure and flattering too.  Plus this draft may have been rough but it wasn’t far off what I wanted.  I wanted the most simple, figure skimming version of a wedding dress that I could find.  I was even tempted to make it out of white cotton.  I wanted to be comfortable and relaxed, I wanted to stay cool throughout the day and I most of all I didn’t want any fuss.  Throughout the whole process I avoided sparkle, sequins, lace and anything resembling any sort of glitz.  There was the possibility of some tulle or chiffon over one shoulder but that was as far as I wanted to take it.  I’m a simple girl when it comes to fashion and ultimately I wanted to look like me on my wedding day.

All that aside, I didn’t continue with the creation of this dress because the dress I actually ended up wearing that day got in the way.

At the beginning of the year I went dress shopping with my mom, sister in law and niece just to be sure I was getting the most out of my wedding experience.  We went shopping for me to try on some crazy ass dresses I wouldn’t dream of wearing so that we could have a giggle together and create some fun memories.

Every dress I tried on was wrong.  Which was the intention.  I hadn’t wanted to find one!  Some looked good but they didn’t look great.  I loved the styles don’t get me wrong, but they just weren’t for me. Each and every one of them made me feel like I was dressing up as a bride but none of them made me feel amazing.


We walked in to our next appointment and someone in the shop was trying on a dress that looked a little different to the rest.  It wasn’t strapless, it didn’t have any lace and it also didn’t really fit the lady trying it on so I couldn’t really tell how it was supposed to fall…but I did ask to try it on.

The rest, as they say, is history.

This dress made me feel AMAZING.  And. I. Did. Not. Want. To. Take. It. Off.  EVER. And it was everything I thought I did not want.

It was glitz, it was glamour and it was covered in sequins!

Ronald Joyce doesn’t make a lot of dresses that I like but he hit the nail on the head with this one…I had to have it, and the tears in my mom and sister in laws eyes said the same.  I cried too and I don’t mind admitting I thought that was a bit of a cliche until it happened to me.  I went home that day annoyed that I couldn’t wear it out to dinner.  Irritated with all of the boring clothes hanging in my wardrobe and entirely frustrated that I couldn’t sleep in it.

JUST LOOK AT MY WEDDING DRESS!!!  Apparently on the day when I walked out in to the sun it lit up and sparkled everywhere…and I LOVE THAT!

See!!  Totally covered in sequins!  And with the wonderful accessory that is a pretty little flower girl.  When I put this dress on, it dawned on me that on my wedding day I didn’t just want to look like the every day version of me in a dress, I wanted to look like the best possible version of me I could be and this dress helped me to achieve that.

My husband will kill me for including this photograph because he is in the middle of eating cake but I love it because it shows just how it drapes in all the right places!

And there was one other factor that totally sold it to me and that was the back of it…

(jewellery by Molly Ginnelly and hair piece by me…to follow in later posts)

Where the front draped, the back did too but it was lower and, well…BACKLESS!  I never get to wear backless!  I’m a busty broad and backless ordinarily means braless, a term that frightens me to my very core and not one I ever intended to embrace.  Until that is, I met this dress. It was cleverly structured to mean the need for wedding lingerie was made redundant and I could relax throughout the day safe in the knowledge of my dignity’s security!

I got married in this dress, I ate in it comfortably, I laughed, cried and danced until my feet hurt and for every second I felt beyond special.

So yeah yeah, it might just be a dress to everyone else, but it’s my dress, my wedding dress and I am grateful to now know how every other bride feels when they put on the dress that they have hunted for, worried about, dreamt of and pictured whilst standing next to the one they love.

Phew.  I may now have to wear it for breakfast in the morning…which is what I happened to do the day after my wedding. No joke.

*please note I still intend to make the original dress that I designed but in navy (the colour my bridesmaids wore) so that one day, someone may take me to a dressy enough occasion to wear it.  Hint hint.*

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