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I Made Leg Warmers!

14th October, 2012

So now that the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting cold, it’s time to start layering up. A very important fact to know about me is that I hate to be cold. I HATE IT. I’ve been known to go to bed in a hoody and tracksuit bottoms with a beanie, socks and other layers on.  Don’t let me get cold, it’s like letting the Gremlins get wet.

Anyway, yesterday I made some leg warmers to wear under my black boots, one because I love layering and two…see above.

In my craft room there is a pile of old clothes that either need mending, making in to something else, or altering to fit.  In that pile was an old black jumper that I hadn’t worn in years which was there because it had a hole under the arm.  In the end I figured if I hadn’t missed it in all the time it had been sat there, then it didn’t have to be a jumper any more. Here is what I did.

I cut both of the sleeves clean off of the jumper and threw the body away!

Then I folded the rough hem in once to the wrong side (twice makes it too heavy for me on knits) and stitched all the way around with a zigzag stitch.

The old shoulder side of the sleeve lays nicely over your foot.

And the other end is already finished perfectly, fitting snugly under the knee!

And there we have my five minute, homemade leg warmers that kept me toastie warm on yesterday’s autumnal day.

I will now be hunting down old grey jumpers in the local charity shop in order to make my next pair!

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