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The Term “Plus Size Model”

9th May, 2012

BLOG WARNING…I’m about to have a serious rant.

If there is one thing that really gets my goat, it’s the term ‘Plus Size Model’

Many of you will wonder why this riles me so much when I am in fact listed as a PLUS SIZE MODEL myself so I shall explain.  First up, I’m not a professional model, I’m a wedding photographer, my name is Lizzie and I have a lot more about me than just looking alright in my underwear. Secondly, I swim four miles a week, I eat a healthy diet, I don’t smoke…yes, I’m rather partial to red wine, but all in all I live a healthy lifestyle and I look after myself…with that said, I don’t appreciate the implication that I am ‘above the norm’.  Especially not to be listed so by some jumped up fancy fashionista who remains a faceless foreboding force when driving the trends of how they think we should look and they think we should feel.

I read a great quote on the Alex Beadon Blog this week and that was…

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

I’m all for motivational and thought provoking quotes and Alex works around some of the best. She is a hardworking, inspirational photographer yet this quote can be applied to so many things.  It came from a book she was reading and I’m so happy she shared it because it works here just as well.

I’d love to know who started the whole ‘Plus Size’ term and give them a piece of my mind!! Here are a few reasons why I hate, hate, HATE this term;

  1. Because we don’t have ‘Plus Size Doctors’ or ‘Plus Size Vets’ or ‘Plus Size Teachers’ and why the hell should any profession be bracketed by body size, if someone aspires to be a model, then they should be a bloody model, no matter what size they are.
  2. In a profession that is largely dictated by a photoshopped and bastardised version of beauty, no further derogatory terms are necessary in order to make the population feel less than “perfect” thank you very much.
  3. The term ‘Plus Size Model’ is applied to women like these.  It’s simply LUDICROUS!!
  4. Image linkImage Link
  5. Kids, girls, young women, teenagers and even fully grown up adults are impressionable people and prone to feeling more than a little bit crap about themselves because of unattainable images of men and women in the media.
  6. Children need healthy role models that promote variety, intelligence and drive…not the implication that they can’t achieve something if they’re one dress size too big.
  7. Not everyone wants to starve themselves or agrees with the statement “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” Miss Moss. In my opinion, nothing tastes better than a bacon, brie and avocado sandwich on freshly baked granary bread smothered in mustard and mayonnaise…but we’ll agree to disagree.
  8. ‘Plus Size Models’ are still a novelty in both magazines and on the catwalk and that notion in itself is laughable and in no way a direct reflection on the actual image of society.
  9. I won ‘Plus Size Model of the Year’ in 2011 through the website 100 Percent People and while I appreciate the support and service they offer a lot of people, for a time I thought it might be beneficial for me to network in the category of ‘Plus Size’ until I realised how nonsensical that was and why the hell shouldn’t I be talking to size 8 people too?!  Categorising people only succeeds in creating more categories, more divides, more barriers and more problems.
  10. People NEED to stop being identified by their body size in order for it to become less of an issue.  Less of an emphasis on size and more of an emphasis on health. The end.

It’s not often I get my soap box out, and many people might not agree with me but I don’t half feel better for getting all that out!

P.S – Don’t even get me started on the term ‘Real Women’ I think it’s vulgar!

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