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Momma’s Mentions – March(ish)

2nd April, 2012

OK, so let me start by saying that I know it’s no longer March, it is in fact April and my shout outs for March are now late.  However, something had to give recently as I’ve been super busy and super ill.  I’m afraid it was this.  Yet here it is, just a day or two late…possibly a little shorter than normal yet here all the same.  Enjoy…I’ll be back with bells on at the end of April!

All images taken from credited blogs below. x


So, first up, THE PRETTY BLOG.  It does exactly what it says on the label!  This is a blog run from South Africa but crosses continents by way of providing you with up to the minute, beautiful, inspiring and original ideas for anything and everything to do with your wedding.  If you’re getting married, make a cup of tea, get comfortable and then go and check this out, I can guarantee you will love it!  All things pretty in one fab place.

The next blog is one I have recently become addicted to and it is run by the very talented Cathe Holden from her home in California.  After a successful career and her own company in graphic design, Cathe started a family and utilised the internet to be able to continue doing what she loved.  JUST SOMETHING I MADE is a constant source of visual and practical inspiration for design ready projects that you can do at home.  Experience and creativity is infused with a love for her family and local thrifting and results in well thought out, beautiful crafts that are accessible to all.  As well as talking you through the processes Cathe provides her readers with free printables and templates to make her teachings complete.  It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for new ideas or a fab new craft project to undertake.


OK, a little unorthodox when I normally recommending photography, craft or cooking books but we all need a bit of recreation time and if you haven’t done so already, everyone everywhere should at some point in their lives read a book by John Irving.  If you need a title to get you started then make it ‘A Prayer For Owen Meany’ because you will laugh, cry and want to read it all over again, which is what I did recently.  He is my all time favourite author and he has a crazy talent for being able to write the extra ordinary like it were regular every day life.  I adore it.  I’m just about to pick up another…

Next up is back to the tradition and all about food.  It had to be really didn’t it?!  If you have not seen Little Paris Kitchen on BBC then get too it, it’s mouthwateringly good and it’ll inspire you to buy THE BOOK which is available now!  I can’t wait till I have the time to devour this book properly and try out some of the simply fabulous recipes within it’s pages…I just have to get through the next two weeks and then I’ll start sharing some of the results!

Photography (or in this case ‘ART’)

I know I normally do a photography shout out and I’m keeping it headed that way because the artist I’m paying tribute to here is also a photographer and the methods used in her latest project are most commonly adopted by photographers. The artist blows my mind with her work as she is also a model, a poet, a blogger, an actress and as far as I can tell, so much more.  She is obviously very talented and motivated and the more I explored, the more I found to see.  I urge you to do the same.  For the purpose of this blog I’ll stick to the reason I found her originally and that is this… ANNA UTOPIA caught my eye this month for her VENUS PROJECT.  It’s a series of works that have been quite well documented in the press recently as an exploration in to the way not only art, but societies views have changed in their appreciation of the female form and how technologies have advanced in order to attain perfection.  She is clearly both beautiful and insightful!  With the media so currently full of what is healthy/idealistic/real these days there is much talk of what is perfection.  In my own mind perfection doesn’t exist unless it’s in an ice cream tub.  Why then are we so obsessed with it?  We didn’t used to be…and I love that Anna’s manipulation of classic works of art highlight that fact.


We’re in to the last section of my shouts outs a little earlier than usual this month without recipes or websites but I did warn you!  Just enough time for a quick shout out for these two little wonders of creativity today, the first from one of the blogs I mentioned earlier, handmade/personalised coasters which can be done for your wedding if needs be, or as a housewarming present to a friend…or as a little pick me up to yourself!  You decide, but the options are endless if you have the design time, if not?  Then they come with free little printables!

Last but by no means least is the most amazing attention to detail for a kids birthday part I think I have ever seen…  The write and artist behind the SNOWY BLISS blog no doubt has more talent in her little finger than I do in my whole body when it comes to drawing but it takes dedication to create something like THIS.  Do as I say and check it out.  You’ll want it just as much as I do!

Till next time then…when hopefully I’ll be feeling a little bit better! If you haven’t already checked out both of my facebook pages then please do so here…



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