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Creative Friends – Uppingham Town

24th April, 2012

Some of you may know, some of you may not…but I live in a lovely little town called Uppingham in the heart of the English countryside.  Uppingham is one of two towns in Rutland, England’s smallest county.  I will presume you do not know where this is because most people I meet who aren’t living in a neighbouring county think I’m making it up.  Yet it is in fact very real and nestled in to the side of Leicestershire.

Uppingham is very, very pretty.  The end.  Well, OK, I’ll elaborate a little.  At it’s center is a huge public school of Harry Potter proportions and the subsequent old brick buildings and thatched cottages do nothing to diminish it’s charm.  Flowers bloom at every corner, the baker serves up fresh delights every day and I wish I could say the sun shine is non stop but unfortunately in that respect we are like every other part of the UK.

The high street is a mix of cafes and restaurants as well as the essential chemist, an ironmongers, a hoard of antiques and a few little extra delights that I am going to share with you in this particular ‘Creative Friends’ shout out.

First up is a our local florist, EARTHWORKS.  Set centrally amongst the old stone buildings that line our high street it looks right at home and in constant bloom.

Run by Leslie who has had the business for 7 years, Earthworks offers a personalised and passionate service for all your floral needs!  Even whilst talking to Leslie I can tell how busy she is, for one she doesn’t stop moving!  A second pair of hands in Sarah is much needed because Leslie is in and out on deliveries and could in no way do her job single handedly.

The one thing I would like to stress about Leslie is that she loves her job, and it’s one thing I really admire.  When I asked her about what she did, she likened flowers to babies that need nurturing.  In her words it’s about “Passion…first and last you have to love it, it’s long hours, hard work and you constantly have disgusting hands…you don’t do it if you don’t love it.”

Next time you’re in Uppingham pop in to see Leslie and surprise her with a Lily or Iris…they’re her favourite flower, and she’ll be able to supply you with that and more.

Once you’ve visited Earthworks, cross the road and go a few doors down to PRIDDY ESSENTIALS. If you’re looking for something a little different, a little individual and more than a little bit wonderful, then look no further than this understated hotbed of creativity.

The window displays will be enough to draw you in to the family run business by Wendy & Chris deVerteuil who in their own words supply “Resourceful and imaginative solutions for everyday domestic conundrums”  Intrigued?  I know I was.

The PRIDDY umbrella is home to DELIVERANCE COUNTY handmade pottery and PRIDDY ESSENTIALS artisan fragrances and beauty products as well as the PRIDDY label of limited edition clothes.  There really is something for everyone.

Despite only opening the shop in August 2011, Wendy & Chris have had experience in the fashion and design trade for over 35 years and have also been working in ceramics since 1997.  It might be a small shop but you’ll not only find their famous ceramics, nestled in to every available space are fragrances, jewellery, toiletries, candles, clothing and other little products from like minded individuals.

Can you spot something from the DO IT Momma collection in this final photo?!  Not only are they creatively inspiring, they’re also supportive of others who are starting out and local artists and crafters.  As “purveyors of uncommon objects and needful paraphernalia” they’re at the top of their game.  Oh, and they just started up a new blog which you can read here, be sure to check it out as they update on new arrivals and designs.

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