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Old Faithfuls Quick Fix

10th March, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I wear my jeans until they die.  Until they literally feel like if go out in the rain in them they will disintegrate.  The longer they’ve been worn the more comfortable they are and I think, the better they look.

That said, I often need to do little repair jobs here and there.  Like when I buy second hand ones and they need a little pick me up, or I climb over a fence and make a very small hole a very big one by swinging my leg up and over.  Ahem.

I find a quick fix to this is the best bet and this is the way I mend all my jeans.  First, I cut a dark piece of fabric that is the size of the rip with an extra two inches of fabric all round.  I pin it in place with a couple of pins and then using a running stitch I sew back and forth, back and forth using the reverse button on my machine.  I try and use a cotton that doesn’t stand out too much and end up with this;

It’s not professional, it’s not pretty, but I reckon it adds to the charm!  And I’ll tell you why it works.  Instead of just stitching up the split where the fabric is weak, my stitch lines run in to the healthy strong denim that can hold it all together.  Taking the stitch that far means it’s reinforced and should not split again…well, not in the same area anyway!  I have tried iron on patches and they always come off, this method is the best way for me.

Here’s what you get on the inside;

Trim your fabric so it’s close to your stitching and after one wash you won’t even feel it’s there.  Those old favourite jeans will be good to go for another few months.

I’m off to mend the arse of the ones I ripped climbing that fence…

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