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11th March, 2012

I make it no secret of the fact that I am a fan of tattoos.  They can be so beautiful and I envy people that actually have the courage for lots of visible work that is full of impact.

You might wonder why I’m bringing this up, and the reason is that I just got a new one!  Anyone who has them will tell you that they’re very addictive!  I have five so far (including the newbie), most of which are small, one of which is a biggy but I have plans for new ones…just don’t tell the mother!  Doesn’t matter how old I am, that stare she gives me sends shivers down my spine!

Please note that all of my tattoos have meaning and I have not once walked in to a shop and said, “yeah that looks good I’ll have that”

The first one I ever got was well over ten years ago on my foot.  It’s the Chinese symbol for angel and is in rememberance to a very good friend that I lost.  She had a tattoo in the same place and I got this done on her birthday.  It’s old as I said and could probably do with a touch up now, but besides that I love it and always will.  Please excuse my ridiculously small little toe…it’s the butt of many jokes and it can’t be helped!

Next up was another ode to the same friend and one I share with her brother.  It’s very special to me.

Can you even tell that’s on my ankle?  I’m not sure!  Following the butterfly came a sun.  But it’s in such bad need of a pick me up after ten years that I’m not even going to show it to you!!  I don’t intend on getting rid of it though, just enhancing it.  That too has meaning as it was done in the ‘Sunshine State’ of Florida on my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and both of my brothers and all of my cousins also have it.  That was an interesting outing!  Anyway, you see why I would like to keep the essence of it, yet aesthetically it’s not quite up to scratch.

Fast forward eight years and factor in a summer spent in Italy where the Oleander flower grows in abundance and you get this;

OK, so it’s a big reminder of an unforgettable summer and some would tell me just to look at the pictures but I love it!  I like the fact that most people go for roses and lily’s, me?  I go for oleander.  It’s poisonous too if you eat it so let that be a warning to you.

And we’re up to date if you fast forward two more years, add the opportunity to not only model lingerie for a year but getting the chance to do it in Paris and you get this;

Excuse the redness but I took this picture just a minute after having it done!  Ooh la la!  A fun, tongue in cheek reference to my life as a lingerie model.  Not something I ever thought I’d do.  This tattoo is a little controversial because I got it done knowing most people will probably think it’s a little odd.   Again, I love it, and at the end of the day that’s the only thing I’m worried about.  If I’ve learned anything this past year it’s that you can’t please everyone and although I mostly do my best to…this one is just for me and I know every time I look at it I will smile.

So what next then?  As I’ve mentioned I do have plans to resurrect the sun which is currently on one side of my back under my shoulder blade but I also have my heart set on two more.   I can’t decide whether to share them or not…and in this instance I think I’m going to hold off and share them with you at a later date.  They’re personal to me and even though I wouldn’t be swayed by anyone’s opinion on them, I’d rather get them done before I give you the chance to judge!

Till the next one then, happy inking! x

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