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French Fooooood!

23rd March, 2012

We recently took a trip to Normandy, France, in order to enjoy a long weekend on the continent.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, traveling abroad is as much about the food as anything else and it’s the one thing I always look forward to!  At breakfast I’m planning lunch and at lunch I’m thinking about where we can have dinner.  France is no exception, the bread, the pastries, the deserts…THE CHEESE!!  I also ate a lot of ‘Saint Jacques’ which are scallops to you and I.  My mouth is watering.  The cheese is just AMAZING and we made sure to bring a care package back with us in order to make coming home that little bit easier.  Easier still because it included a bottle of Chateau-Neuf-Du-Pape.  Just to torture myself this evening I put together a little medley of some of the food we ate whilst we were there…and I have to say, the deserts were something else this time.  Especially the night I ordered creme brulee and got creme brulee, chocolate creme brulee and orange ice cream all on the same plate.  There isn’t much that will beat that.  Bring on the next trip!

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