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A Quilt With Cleavage!

29th March, 2012

Some of you may have already been privy to the buzz at the CURVY KATE offices this morning when a special package arrived from yours truly!

I wanted to make the CK team something to say thank you for the amazing year that I have had working with them.  Something that had a little bit of me, and a little bit of them, so what did I do?  I made a quilt with cleavage of course!

With help from an insider (who still had no idea what I planned to do) I got my hands on an iconic lingerie set from the Curvy Kate range and I started work on a fabric figure to wear it!  I took the opportunity to experiment with a few different quilting techniques, one of which my machine hated but luckily did not have any effect on the final result.  I used a dark background so both the figure and the bold, pink Curvy Kate logo would stand out.  It even has boobs!!

The quilt is designed so that ANYONE can hold it up and become a ‘Star in a Bra’, channeling the ethos of the company and their ground breaking competition to find a new model every year.  And when I say anyone, I mean ANYONE….

My aunt got involved…reluctantly at first!

Local primary school teacher Caroline embraced her curves for the challenge.

My neighbour hung out by the front door, just relaxing in to modeling.

Julie decided all this modeling was hard work and had a lie down on the job.

Chris made the most of the sunshine for a bit of quiet time…I really think he should have shaved his legs though!

Momma struck a pose!

Chris & Abby had some fun…

Chris had a little too much fun!

And even the postman got involved!!

Thank you again to Curvy Kate for a year that I will never forget.  And thank you to all my ‘Star in a Bras’ who were kind enough to pose for a picture!

If you haven’t yet voted in this years competition, head over to Curvy Kate’s facebook page to do so and also to see the photos that they took with their very own cleavage quilt!

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