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Sweet Sorrow

15th February, 2012

So, I live in a itty bitty town with a handful of pubs, two butchers, a small post office, an enormous public school and a main street of shops.  It’s difficult to maintain a business on such a small high street and I’m always sad to see things come and go.  Some don’t surprise me, after all there are only so many run of the mill gift shops one small town can have, but others make me sad and I wonder why more people didn’t use it.

My local sweet shop is closing down on Saturday.  You know the kind with pink bunting, glass cabinets of individual chocolates and jars and jars of different coloured treats lining the walls.  That is my local sweet shop.  I take my niece there some times on the weekend with her tiny purse and pocket money so she can choose her favourite.  Taking it to the counter to get it weighed etc.  These tiny pleasures never change and children still love them.  It’s one of the reasons I’m so sad about it going.

I went in today to get a birthday card before the final closure and it’s almost empty as they’re selling off all the stock and clearing out.  I wandered around, reminding myself that I was not to spend any money when my eyes fell upon the sign that indicated they were selling off their glass sweet jars.  I bought three on the spot.  I couldn’t help it!

I bought them home and washed them up…if only they would retain the sweet smell that they came home with, it was delicious!

The first went straight upstairs to my craft room and got filled with ribbons.

The second has a spot on the kitchen window sill and will become a display for a collection of wine corks.  To date I’ve only kept a few important ones as I had no where to keep them.  Now it seems I have a lot of wine to drink!

The third currently stands empty until I can decide what to fill it with.  Part of me wants to fill it with actual sweets in ode to my local shop but then I fear it would be too much of a temptation.

Perhaps dried flowers?  Or Sweets?  Or feathers and the pages of old books…or sweets?  Or maybe a large candle…..or sweets…

Fare thee well sweet shop, you will be missed. x

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