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Momma’s Mentions – February

29th February, 2012

The end of February is upon us, Spring is most definitely in the air and as always, lots of creative people are up to wonderfully creative things.  February is a short month so my entry is more brief than others but still with plenty of content to keep you interested, entertained and fed!  Enjoy, here are the things I loved this month.

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I first came across JULIA BOBBIN on the Burdastyle website when a creation of hers popped up that I rather liked the look of.  Delving a little further in to the world of Julia Bobbin and I soon realised that she doesn’t have a single creation that I don’t actually like the look of.  This girl is one talented seamstress and I am so gosh darn jealous of her obvious natural talent and creativity that I want to camp in her front yard until she agrees to teach me everything she knows!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident in my sewing skills and would be proud to boast about my quilts and collages but my dressmaking is the area that needs work and every time I see a blog up date from Julia I long for more time to do it.  This girl gives me the inspiration to put that time aside so go and check her out, I have no doubt she’ll do the same for you.  As an aside, she’s a very pretty lady and her photography is SUPER cute.  There is a lot of love for Julia in my house!

The KELBYSEWS blog spot is a constant source of amazing quilts that come from Kelly, a 31 year old mom who started sewing in January of 2010.  Er yeah, I couldn’t believe it either!  Kelly makes handmade, modern quilts like me, only better!  Ha!  OK, so lets not say better, lets say different, but she definitely has a huge amount of skill and I love her use of colour.  Credit where credit is due (and I’m happy to give it) this lady is a very talented quilter.


My book wish list is now so long and so expensive that I may need to start selling off limbs in order to purchase it all.  And all I do is keep adding to it!  I only live in a small house, with a small craft room and a small kitchen but that does not stop me stocking up on literature for them both.  THIS BOOK newly released by Joy the Baker is currently sitting pretty right at the top of the list.  I follow Joy’s blog and the fact that I want to face dive in to every recipe she releases is a sure fire indication that her book needs to be in my kitchen so I can make everything in it and be a very happy lady indeed.  The fact that she has a cat and loves that cat, seemingly as much as cooking, is just the icing on the cake.  If you’re a regular reader you’ll know how easily that endears me to people!  I literally can’t wait to get a cat and I can’t wait to get this book either…be it good or sad, I’m pretty sure the book will come first!


The two photography projects I’d like to share with you today are both very different yet make me happy in their own little way.  I don’t want to say too much about them, I’d just like to say that the first makes me feel peaceful, and the second content.  One comes with more explanation than the other which you can read if you like, or not, I’ll leave you to your enjoyment.

1. ‘People & Places’ by Jasper James

2. ‘Downtown From Behind’


If there is one website you visit this month please make it From the Wilde.  Self described as ‘An eclectic collection of some of the most exciting and contemporary designer makers, artists and illustrators from the UK and carefully chosen international artists’, this website draws together some of the best there is and offers you a unique shopping experience whether you be looking for a gift for others or a treat for yourself.  With categories such as fine art, photography, living and gift cards you are sure to find something for every taste.  Aside from all that fabulous-ness, Helen, the lovely lady who runs the site is one of those people who makes me happy for branching out and making contacts.  In fact I’d go so far to say she is one of my favourite contacts made so far!  We share a lot of the same work ethics, have similar outlooks on life…and have recently entered in to an exciting collaboration within the newest arm of Helen’s creative operation.  You wouldn’t be off the mark to think I had made a craft connection with Helen and I’d be lucky to do so as the products she features are of a really high standard, however, it is a photography relationship that we have established and I feel very lucky to be a part of the new WEDDING section now featured on From the Wilde.  I’m literally so excited about it being there that I want to jump up and down every time I think about it!  Since Helen and I started emailing each other I think it’s possible we’ve spoken nearly every day and I feel like I’ve created a new friend in the business that I can trust and work with for a long time to come.  Either that or she’s massively polite!! However, the phrase ‘happy as a pig in shit’ comes to mind for me.  Sorry!  Anyway, with that said, there is more than my photography to look at there so pay it a visit and I guarantee you’ll be there all day.


I’ve just done my last modelling gig with Curvy Kate for the time being and I feel inclined to do a little binge baking!  The theme of this weeks recipes is ‘inside out’ which is beacuse there are treats to discover when you take the first bite.  I intend to try both of these this week which means by Friday you’ll find me on the sofa in a muffin induced coma!

1. ‘Jam Filled Doughnut Muffins‘ from Whipped Baking

2. ‘Inside Out Carrot Cake Muffins‘ from King Arthur Flour

*drools like Homer Simpson


Now normally in this final slot I give a nod to a hand crafted wonder that has really stood out for me in the crafting world.  Today however I couldn’t resist sharing with you this simple yet astoundingly entertaining piece of creative photography.

The SWITCHEROO project by Sincerely Hana is so delightfully entertaining I spent forever flicking through it and found myself imagining ways of convincing my boyfriend to do it with me!  Please make sure you look through the whole lot, you won’t regret it if you do.  My own personal favourite is the switcheroo between ‘Dustin & Schmoo’.  Every time I revisit this couple it puts a smile on my face. I LOVE this photographer.

Now, hello March, I wonder what you have in store for me….

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