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Freya’s Memory Quilt

13th February, 2012

Memory quilts are such a pleasure to make.  So much so because I know that everything going in to it is treasured by the family who asked me to make it.

Recently I was commissioned to make one for a little girl called Freya who just celebrated her 1st birthday.  Her mom and dad wanted something special to mark the occasion and a keepsake that wasn’t just a folded bundle of her old clothes that may some day find it’s way in to the loft.

I make two kinds of memory quilt, the first being a patchwork made up of old baby clothes, blankets or keepsakes and the second being a cotton patchwork with whole baby outfits appliqued on top.  Examples of both can be seen in my QUILT IT album.

The quilt I made for Freya is a combination of both!

The patchwork is a combination of pink and white cottons and blocks from Freya’s baby clothes.  I kept some of the items detailing such as poppers, frills and ruffles so the odd square has a touch of texture to it and the hearts in all four corners are made from the front, back and inside of a little pair of trousers she once fit in.  It’s hard to see from the photograph but each heart has a seam down the middle as I had to construct them from tiny pieces that reflected her tiny legs!

As an aside here I’d like to point out that working with jersey applique is a b*tch because it moves and stretches so much.  Yet with enough patience the results are worth it.  End of the aside.

We decided to keep one whole outfit, a cute little romper with matching hat that I stitched on to the top of the patchwork.  All the clothes that Freya’s mom chose match the colours of her room which is pink, white and a blue/green colour which I pulled out and used for her name.  I love the contrast and how bold it is against the rest of the quilt…I hope Freya will too when she is older!

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