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Call My Bluff

27th February, 2012

Since my Mom retired she keeps herself busy with home improvement projects, babysitting for her beautiful grandchildren, going out for lunch, keeping my step dad in line, swimming….and playing Bridge.  Yup, Bridge.  I have to say I don’t even know the format of the game or a single one of the rules but my Mom seems to love it and what ever makes my wonderful mother happy is alright by me.

I’m a bit late with this post as this particular creation was made for her at Christmas yet I only got the chance to photograph it recently and so am sharing it with you now.

The Mother did put in a request for a table cover implicitly for the purposes of playing Bridge and this is what was made:

I know I know, looks pretty darn boring.  It’s green just like another card table cover.  However!!  It’s fully lined with black cotton and is also adorned with the four card suits on each corner.  Which weren’t so easy to capture in one image so here are the details!

One personalised, homemade card table cover = one very happy Mother.  Job done.

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