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A Different Bit Of Lamb

6th February, 2012

The other night I pulled some lamb out of the freezer and fancied doing something a little different with it.  It was a batch of thin ‘lamb escalopes’ and when ever I think escalopes, I think breaded, which was what gave me the inspiration to cook them this way;

  1. I lined up the lamb and smeared them with Dijon mustard.
  2. I broke two eggs in to a bowl and whisked them up with salt, pepper and a little bit of paprika.
  3. I poured out some fine breadcrumbs on to another plate and I was good to go.
  4. I got some oil in a pan nice and hot then prepped the meat.
  5. First dipped in the egg, then straight in to the breadcrumbs to get an all over coating.
  6. Then in to the pan!
  7. Lamb doesn’t take much cooking as it’s best tender so I just did a few minutes on each side.

I served this with sweet potato mash, green vegetables, gravy and mint sauce…excuse me, my mouth just started watering, I may have to make this again!

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