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Mini Patchwork for Flora

30th January, 2012

My brother recently came to me with a request for the new baby girl of one of his oldest friends.  Well, when I say request I mean he said “What can you make for Flora?”  Which as we all know is my favourite kind of request because I get to try something new and have a bit of creative freedom to play around with.

He had liked the mini name canvases that I did for his kids way back in Christmas 2010 so we decided on something along the same line, but with a little more elaboration!

As I do so much patchwork in my quilt design I wanted to adapt it here but on a smaller scale.  I created a mini patchwork to the size of my canvas with a little extra on all sides so that it could be fixed to the back of the frame.  I worked in applique as I normally do in order to include her name and added a button for a bit of texture and difference.

I chose a matching wool in order to create a means in which to hang it…and I also put the Momma stamp in the back!

For any future canvas patchwork I may hem the edges to keep the back neater, but as it is it doesn’t look bad and sits nicely around the frame.  The use of a mixed patchwork is always good if you don’t know the colour scheme of a room because something in there is bound to match and quite often you only need one colour to make something pop!  I hope Flora likes it…

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