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Jasmine’s Christmas Quilt

30th December, 2011

I had a quilt commission I made almost a month ago now but was unable to share because this particular quilt was destined for a baby girl half way around the world in Australia.

My friend Sarah had planned some festive travels to visit her best friends and new daughter for a much needed break and to help celebrate Jasmine’s first Christmas.  Sarah has asked me to make a quilt in the past and one of the things I love about the fact that she asked me to do it again is that she gives me complete free reign to create what ever I like!

I tried to achieve a sketch like feel to the lettering by layering the fabric and creating shading.  I also added extra quilting stitches at the top and the bottom of the quilt to create small diamonds within the larger ones.

I did think about making it more festive, but the sunshine I knew they’d be having in Australia made me think that something bright and strong may be more appropriate.

Here’s hoping Jasmine enjoyed her 1st Christmas and that 2012 brings her lots of other wonderful treats. x

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