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Somewhere In My Mind

14th November, 2011

I talk a lot about my Grandmother on here and the ways in which she has influenced me yet there is a woman between us who should never go unnoticed!  This post just goes to show how much of an influence my mum has had on me over the years;

I used to love looking at my mum’s wedding album when I was a little girl.  The fact that my parents are no longer together is irrelevant here…I just think she looks beautiful, and without meaning to sound big headed, a little like me!

It’s been a good couple of years since I got the album out yet I did so at the weekend and couldn’t help but notice a few similarities between the photographs that they had taken and some of the ones I’ve taken ‘on the job’ this year.

I’m happy to report that my work is not entirely reflected in the photos that I am about to share with you and that I don’t just produce traditional wedding shots.   I’d like to believe that there is a large dose fun and laughter within what I do and that I’m able to take a few risks…but could I, and would I have taken those risks without the invention of digital photography?  I’m not afraid to say, “probably not”.  There are a few pictures in my parents album where my Dad’s eyes are closed for example…and there isn’t really a whole lot that can be done about that, so they made the album which would be unthinkable to some in this day and age.

People often say to me that being a wedding photographer must put a great deal of pressure on me, which is not an unfair observation, but it isn’t something that I think about on the day, only upon delivery when I worry each and every time about their reactions.  If I was shooting on film I have no doubt that I would do things differently, play things a little safer and be sure that I was able to deliver.  Yet given the option, I don’t know many couples that would choose film over digital and risk their eyes being closed in all the best shots.  With digital you get a little safety net, and the room to have a little fun which is why I enjoy it so much, and why I would never have it any other way, despite my love of film.

So, in ode to film and in ode to progression, here is my mum…side by side with my work.  Because despite not having seen the album in years, it must have been somewhere in my mind all this time to manifest itself like this.  I also like the comparison between the two, to know that technology has moved on, as well as hair styles and fashion before they come back round again!  Yet traditions often stay the same and hold strong.  I really hope one day I can do this with my own wedding.

nb. please excuse the quality of some of the photos, they were within an old album and I didn’t want to take it apart in any way before scanning.

This last image is one of my favourites, both of Sarah and of mum…and I’ll use this position again in the future I have no doubt.  It’s classic, yet I like it because looking down at her flowers gives the bride a point of focus and allows some time for reflection.

Just for good measure I’m going back another generation and sharing my mum’s mum and her wedding photo…not much composition here but a fabulous keepsake as most likely it is only one of a handful from their day. xx

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