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A Family of Stockings

28th November, 2011

I made a set of stockings last year that seems to have sparked an onslaught of requests for ‘Family Sets’.

Last year they looked like this…

Which have been requested again this year…but it’s always nice to throw something new in to the mix!

This year I have done a lot more work with hessian (with even more to come) and was commissioned to make these curly delights with bells on the toes!

It turned out to be a fiddly request and I had to re-draft the pattern a couple of times but I got there in the end and I am happy with the results.  I love the use of natural hessian, muted creams and greens with just a flash of red on the hand stitched name tags.

Instead of being on the body of the stocking the names are attached by way of hand stitched luggage tags with a little red bow.

I have just one more to make, but am waiting for the arrival of the families new baby early next year before the set can be completed!

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