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Momma’s Mentions – Halloween

31st October, 2011

As it’s October and I revel in the Halloween spirit, this months mentions is an ode to the spooky and seasonal specials…so dim the lights, bring the covers up round your chin and let’s get started.

The thing everyone associates with Halloween is pumpkins and I love pumpkin carving.  It’s strangely calming and once you have the right tools it is amazing what you can achieve.  The secret to a good pumpkin is the right sized padsaw.  Just do it, you’ll know what I mean instantly and your options become endless rather than a dance with death over a slippery kitchen knife!  Let the saw do the work…and this article from THE GUARDIAN will be your guide.


We all know it’s the best night of the year to curl up and watch a horror movie (with something close at hand to cover your eyes from the particularly scary bits) because Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without one would it?!  The obvious Halloween titles are always an option and most likely already scheduled to be on TV.  Just note, if you scare easy and you like your horror through rose tinted glasses then go for a 15 rated movie.  There will never be anything really really terrible in a 15…it’s the ones rated 18 that you have to watch out for!

This ARTICLE outlines some new releases that you may not have come across before.  The movies listed were played back to back this weekend for Frightfest’s Halloween All Nighter.  The guy who penned it isn’t wrong in saying that horror at the cinema is one of the best ways to experience it but we can’t all attend so if you’re staying at home tonight, be sure to get one of these titles in heighten your fright night experience!

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (by that I mean the original movie and not the American remake in production) is one of my favourite horrors to date about a child vampire who makes friends with a strange and outcast little boy.  To say it is one of the most beautiful horror movies I have ever seen may seem odd, but still true.  You will know what I mean when you watch it!

I have a bit of a confession to make here and that is that there is a movie I want to watch and have been thinking about for the best part of a year now but still have not plucked up the courage to do so.  Being a self confessed fan of horror I’m still a total wimp and the reputation of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE is quite frankly kicking my ass.  I’m reluctant to partake in viewing the whole film when I can’t even get the trailer out of my mind!  Should tonight be the night?!  I’m making no promises, but if you are more gutsy than me and have a VERY strong stomach, maybe you should give it a go…


As mentioned above, FRIGHTFEST is not only the UK’s premiere horror and fantasy film festival, it is the place to be if you are a horror movie fan.  You’ll never miss a new horror release again if you keep your eye on this website as well as being kept up to date on events and special features.

EAT MY BRAINS not only has the best titled website when it comes to horror dedicated sites, it’s a great hub of information with regard to your movie intake.  With genre enthusiasts contributing to articles and reviews you get a great down to earth perspective on movies from the classics to the bizarre.  They also run some fab competitions and are the country’s most clued up group on Zombie activity so don’t miss out!


Sticking with pumpkins…come on, you knew I would, it’s Halloween!! I’m going to start with an American recipe but I don’t want any of my English readers to be put off, I know you can buy the ingredients here, I have an American mother who has sourced them all previously and in this instance, Waitrose is your best friend.  Especially for the tin of Libby’s pumpkin.  My first recipe this week is from an addictive recipe blog that is easy to follow and delicious every time.  These PUMPKIN & APPLE PANCAKES stuck out for me as being uber tasty and very simple to make…most of it is done for you by buying ready made pancake mixture.  With that in mind you get two for one as this entry is topped off with a recipe for RUM SPICED APPLE CIDER, not only do you get two recipes on the one page but enough time to complete them both too!

I am literally dying to try making my own pasta but just haven’t found the time to get to it yet.  In preparation I’ve been scouring the internet and the books I have at home in order to find the best tutorials and I found THIS little gem with a step by step guide to putting together ravioli.  Not only that but it talks you through alternatives if you do not have all the equipment available.  Follow the link for the PUMPKIN FILLING and you’re set to make a delicious winter pasta with a little encouragement and direction about where to find the more niche ingredients.  As I tend to gravitate towards Italian food and sweet treats this is definitely a site I will be using again.


I always think if you are going to celebrate something you need to be clear about why you’re doing it.  Many people insist Halloween is another Hallmark holiday created to make money and that it only causes trouble. Others take part in it for the kids which isn’t unusual and allows an injection of fun from a distance.   Yet Halloween does have it’s place in history and if you want to know more about it there are plenty of books on the subject.  This one from AMAZON offers a comprehensive look at how it’s changed over the years from a Celtic and Christian ritual to a vast commercial enterprise.  What you take from it is entirely up to you.  For me, I like going over board with the creativity that Halloween embodies.  Spooky is fun!!


I think we’ve established that I’m a fan of Halloween but there is one part of it that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I love it because of the time of year it is, the colours I associate with it, the chance to bake, cosy up and frighten etc.  I hate it simply because 75% of the female population seem to take it as an opportunity to dress up as a something sexy.  Halloween is filled with sexy cats, sexy witches, bloodied but sexy nurses and lest we forget, sexy devils.  When did Halloween become about going out in your underwear?!  I love seeing original and ridiculous Halloween costumes that have had hard work and a lot of imagination go in to them, which is why I love these two that I found through BURDASTYLE.  This JAWS dedication was from a competition that they ran last year and one I would love to have a go at myself one day.  The second follows the current ANGRY BIRDS trend and takes it to a whole new level.  I do wonder how easy it is to go to the toilet in either of them though!

I’d like to give a special mention here to Heidi Klum who never does her Halloween costumes half arsed and appears to have out done the lot THIS YEAR.

And that is it for Halloween, I hope you all enjoy fright night…and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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