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A Little Bit About Me

15th October, 2011

I’m pretty clear about the things I like and the things I don’t like.  And I like more things than those I don’t.  I just tend to moan about the things I don’t like and nod in acceptance of the things I do.  Does that make sense?

There are the obvious ones, like loving laughter, sunsets, a lonely poppy in a field of corn etc and all the while hating rude people, queuing in the post office and middle lane drivers but I’m going to present you with a few less obvious examples of things that make me smile and those that make me frown.

Those things are below, as photographed by me…photography, of course, is another thing I like.

The things I like;

- The resilience of nature

- A well stocked kitchen

- Clear, frosty mornings

The things I don’t like;

- Giant raisins in my museli

Overly ripe fruit, it goes straight in the compost bin.

Cows.  It’s astounding I got this close to one in order to picture it.

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