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The Perfect Skirt

14th September, 2011

Following my zip breakthrough, a little pattern investigation and a smidge of experimenting…I have finally perfected the circle skirt.  Immediately I can hear a world of sewers saying “but it’s the easiest kind!” and I would be inclined to agree, but the first time I do anything I never do it right.  You see, I tend to deviate from patterns which also brings with it more room for mistakes.  I’ll look over them, get the gist of it, and then do it my way.  Then I take a little time in which to prefect the order of things and voila, I have what I set out to obtain.  It might seem like an odd way to do things, yet it means I learn more through making mistakes along the way and also feels like I end up with something I have created, rather than copied.

Another pro for the circle skirt is how versatile and hugely flattering it is.  For a curvy girl like me it draws attention to a little waist and skims over the hips creating the perfect silhouette.  One bone of contention though is the hem.  Hemming a curve is a bitch, there is no other way to put it but it’s easily done if you bind it instead of trying to turn it up and that is what I learned to do.  Completion came with a small bow on the back of the waist band.  For all these reasons and that fact that you can dress it up or down, I LOVE IT.

One last thing I love about it…is it makes me do this!!

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