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Grandma We Love You

12th September, 2011

For once I am not referring to my own Grandmother (despite holding her in the highest regard of course) no, this time someone else wanted to pay homage to their dear Grandma with this personalised knitting bag, made as a birthday gift.

I have a soft spot for Grannies of all kinds and love the bond so many people have with theirs.  This particular Granny is a keen knitter and spends most of her time creating little treasures for her Granddaughter…what better way then to say thank you, than a personalised “Grandma” knitting bag.

The bag is fully lined and on the reverse side is a long pink pocket especially for needles and a little one inside for those stitch counters so easy to lose.  To see more details of the bag please visit the BAG GALLERY here.

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