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4th September, 2011

If there is one thing I have a weakness for…it’s my niece and nephew.  And I know it’s been said a thousand times but boy do they grow up fast.  My niece has just started school and will be completing her first full week starting tomorrow.  She’s already too cool to hold her Mom’s hand and a little too cool to tell me how it went, however, she is not yet too cool for pink and princesses.  Thank goodness for that!

I offered to buy her something she needed for her big new start but apparently what she wanted was for me to make her a PE kit bag.  Her only requirements were that it was pink and that it had a princess on it.  What she asks for she gets (within reason of course) and it was just a quick job for me to whip up this little drawstring rucksack with a whole host of Disney princesses on it.  I bought a transfer and applied it with an iron and some stitching to extend it’s life.

One happy niece, all set for school.

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