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In The Month Of May

26th August, 2011

As the weather spits it’s worst at us and the air turns decidedly autumnal…I have just completed a quilt all about the joys of spring!  My timing may be a little off but my reasoning is spot on.

I was contacted by a lovely lady named Jo.  Jo was looking for the perfect gift for a close friend whose baby had been born prematurely in the month of May and named in tribute, ‘Isla May’.  Jo was after a quilt that not only featured Isla’s name, but also incorporated the following poem which captures the beautiful time of year Isla was born.

In the merry month of May, When green leaves begin to spring, Little lambs do skip like fairies, Birds to do couple, build and sing

The poem is embroidered on by hand and the fabrics were chosen for their colours and pattern as a few include fairies and birds.  I also quilted some basic flower shapes around her name although it is difficult to see from this particular picture.

I really enjoyed this project it felt personal and entirely unique.

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