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Drag Me Down The Garden Path

26th July, 2011

I am not a gardener, I don’t have green fingers and I have a tendency to kill things…well, plants, I’ve never killed anything else apart from two ducks with my car on a busy road and I cried for about half an hour.  Anyhoo, back to gardening, I really am terrible.  I’ve managed to keep my house plants alive because I have a money plant and an aloe vera, both of which grow like weeds.  Don’t believe me?  This is what the pansies outside my front door looked like by mid June.  Bloody pathetic isn’t it?  I couldn’t even make those last and I’m told they’re supposed to be easy to look after.  Pah.

People tell me I am good at a lot of things.  Which I’m not so sure is true…I like to argue and say I’m good at one or two things and mediocre at the rest.  Fact of the matter is I can’t sing and I’m shit at gardening.

However, times have to change.  For too long now my garden has been a disaster of black plastic, concrete slabs, tangled weeds, unruly rhubarb and wobbly whirlygigs (spelling?).   That was a ridiculous sentence to write yet one of necessity in order to conjure up the right images in your mind.  If all else fails, here’s a photo.

Hideous isn’t it?!  Well now I have been blessed and the landlord is conducting a make over.  It is in progress to becoming a neat and tidy, half graveled, half vegetable patch, haven of a sunlight trap.  AND IT’S UP TO ME TO MAINTAIN IT!

Instead of running scared and blaming the boyfriend I am in fact going to rise to the challenge and become at one with the land.  Not the bugs, that’s not part of the deal but I’ll do my best with the land.  I’ve just spent one blog boasting about my wonderful home in the countryside so it’s about time I backed it up.  I will give you a progress report…I will admit when things die on my watch and I will revel in new shoots and pretty flowers.  This is it, I’ve finally crossed over and I’m dreaming of fresh salad leaves and aromatic herbs.  One step at a time?  Rubbish!  I like a challenge and the chance to learn new things so this is going to be the latest.  I may even sing whilst I’m at it.


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