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J’adore Paris

15th July, 2011

I spent last weekend modelling underwear in Paris.

Every part of that sentence is true, factual and to the point…This picture is just me taking the piss in the middle of the Champs Elysees but in all seriousness, modelling was why I made the trip.  Can you believe it?!  Cause I sure as hell can’t sometimes.  I just spent an extended weekend in Paris, walking around in nothing but my bra and pants!

I should say at this point that I wasn’t alone and I also wasn’t on the street!  I was in fact attending a lingerie trade show which played host to all the big brands in the world of underwear and those up and coming newbies trying to make a name for themselves.  This means that my presence there in pants was a relatively standard event and for the most part went unnoticed.  Regardless of that fact I was completely out of my comfort zone and with it being a trade show it meant I was surrounded by hundreds of other models, 95% of which were just that…standard models.  Tall, skinny, waif like giants who floated around the floor like they belonged there.

I won’t say I was the only real woman there because that isn’t the case, real women come in all shapes and sizes and just because I have curves doesn’t set me apart from the rest…what I can tell you though is that I was clearly the only H-cup woman there who did a circuit of the show eating an enormous pot of ice cream!  Just because I did some underwear modelling does not mean I skimped on sampling French cuisine…there are no diets on the Curvy Kate stand!

Being surrounded by incredibly lean women didn’t make me want to lose weight (OK perhaps my thighs could use some toning) I actually had more of a complex about my height and the fact that every model who walked past towered above me.  It doesn’t help that I suffer from various long term back problems and the heels I brought with me only lasted about four hours (not bad going when compared to a night on the tiles) but I measure in at 5,5″ and don’t quite cut it in the modelling world.  Despite all that I did my best to represent the brand by being cheery, being curvy…and being me.  Being me generally means I act the fool and smile at anyone and everyone I think might be receptive to it.  I soon learned that those to reciprocate were few and far between…so few in fact that the only smiles I received were from the model on the stand opposite who I saw constantly and another curvy model from somewhere else in the show.  I did think about asking for a photo with said curvy girl but went all shy and opted for the picture below next to her photo display instead!  You’d think I’d have guts after all this but some things are just too much.

The comfort I have found in my body is down to two things, age and Curvy Kate.  At the end of the day, sod it, because you know what?  Life is just too short and I am just too old to worry about it, quite frankly there are more important things in life.  With age I can honestly say, “if you can’t smile, you clearly have more issues than I’ve ever had and if that comes with maintaining a skinny body, quite frankly I don’t want it”.  Who smiles when they live on salad anyway?  Not me!

So, despite my body hating me for being on my feet for three days non stop, and despite the BFG’s (well, not actually so friendly) coming at me from every corner…I got what I wanted from this whole experience and that is acceptance.  I’m happy.  And I had a bloody great time in Paris…Beat that!

See you in Birmingham folks!  I will be ready…

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