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The Perfect Weiner

14th June, 2011

So we all know I love food.  All of it, healthy, sweet, meaty, Italian (no I am not describing anything other than food) and any which way it comes.  There is only one thing in this world I have so far found I don’t like eating and that is Turkish Delight.  Oh, and mint and chocolate together so you can keep your After Eights, I’m not interested.  Other than that though, the world is a series of oysters just waiting to be discovered.

I am sharing tonight’s culinary delight with you for reasons you will soon discover.

Dinner doesn’t always have to be an elaborate foray into a cacophony of flavours, sometimes the good old favourites are the best (and the safest)…and tonight was one of those nights.

I was having hotdogs for dinner.  The American past time I have enjoyed since I was a kid with thanks to my Mother’s heritage and individual expertise.  I had been looking forward to having hotdogs since yesterday and by the time I walked through the door from work my mouth was watering.

First up, I found the perfect soft white hot dog rolls:

I finely chopped an onion and fried it in some oil and a drizzle of honey:

I found a great brand of smoked ‘dogs’ to make my meal complete:

I laid the onions in to the half cut buns so as not to lose any when eating:

I opened the perfect accompaniment to any all American hotdog:

And then I put them all together in the most delightful little package, stood back and smiled at my masterpiece.

But for pete’s sake, don’t make the same mistake I did and forget to take the plastic wrapping off the individual hotdogs cause it really takes the pleasure out of eating the damn things:

There is not much I hate more than a ruined dinner.  Tuesday sucks.

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