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What Just Happened?

25th May, 2011

It’s been a little while since I last wrote a blog because life has been more than a little bit crazy for me in the past few weeks.  It all started with me winning the Star in a Bra competition.  Yup, you read that right, I only went and won the whole gosh darn thing!  Didn’t believe it myself for a while but having my first official photo shoot only a few days later helped to settle it into the psyche somewhat.  When it finally did sink in my language was bordering on the side of explicit but I’ll spare you those specifics for now.  Unfortunately, the day I found out about the competition, my family also suffered a bereavement that left us all reeling and I spent the day on a roller coaster of emotions.  I’d spent months working towards the pinnacle of the competition and was over the moon to have gotten 1st place but my heart was elsewhere with my family and as the congratulations started pouring in, all I did was cry.  I have a wonderful family and a lot of support, they were gladdened by good news on such a difficult day and that’s as far as I will take that side of things.

To say I worked hard to win the competition is an understatement.  I’ve worked in PR and set up my own company, I knew the most beneficial ways to market myself and I went for it.  I didn’t realise till I entered and reached the top 30 how badly I actually wanted to win but I knew as long as I gave it my best shot, if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be disappointed.  I managed to spark the interest of The Rutland Times and The Rutland Mercury, BBC Radio Leicester and got full backing from GEM106 for the East Midlands.  Besides all the public support I personally messaged every facebook friend that I have in order to beg for a vote…I’d like to thank every single one of them from the bottom of my heart that went ahead and did it, I know how annoying I became throughout the whole thing!  Huge love and thanks must go to my boyfriend and family, their support has been unfaltering.

Plus I’d like to extend a huge thank you to anyone I don’t know that listened to or read about my story and took the time to vote for me too…that’s the part I still don’t quite believe and it is completely humbling.  Special thanks go out to Megan who was a star at my local papers, Ian Stringer from the BBC for pushing my story and Sam, Amy, Dave and Simon from the Gem106 breakfast team for supporting me all the way.  Astrid and Sophia, I wish it could have been all of us and to all the girls in the competition, I truly hope I do you proud.

I didn’t have much time to get used to my win…I had a photo shoot four days later!  I got to share my day with the very beautiful Emma Donaghy who was the runner up in the competition and I must say I was relieved to have not only her company but her full support.  Other girls have been wonderful throughout the competition including 3rd place contestant Georgina Horne, could never have done it without her.  Here is the first final photo which is not only a finished and polished photo of me in my smalls, it’s also a sneak peak in to next years Curvy Kate collection!

Don’t scrub up half bad do I?!  I have to say I’ll never be arrogant, I think it’s an ugly trait…but after winning the competition my confidence has soared.  Look at me in my pants for gods sake!!  I actually look alright…who knew?!  Apparently my boyfriend did yet I never believed him.  Personal benefits since winning are a silent contentment for myself and how I look.  I walk tall and proud, I don’t slouch when sitting and if you’ve got something to say about it, please believe I will have something very self assured and positive to say in response.  Don’t think for one second I’ll start wearing revealing outfits when I’m on a night out (that will never be me) but I won’t ever hide again, why should I?

So, not only did I have the professional shoot with Curvy Kate…I also had a shoot of a completely different kind with the men of GEM106′s breakfast show, Sam and Dave.  I managed to convince Sam, that if I were to win, he and Dave would strip down to their smalls and pose with me for an amusing undies shindig.  The fact that Dave was away on holiday and knew nothing about it only added to the humour of the whole situation.  So, when the win came, Sam’s co-presenter Amy chose the guys some underwear and we got down to it!  You can see the results of that morning HERE!

I think it’s important to note that while all this is going on I worked my PA job, photographed a wedding and completed final orders for Do it Momma customers…I was so ready for what happened next.

Two days after my shoot with GEM106 I went to America on holiday and walked my Curvy Kate bag all over Philadelphia and New York City!  That bag covered a lot of miles and I spread the curvy word near and far.  It wasn’t only me shouting it out either, my friend Caroline who was one of the reason’s for my trip introduced me to everyone we met as “Curvy Kate”.  Not everyone knew what she was on about of course but with new retailers the seed has been planted and world domination for the fabulous lingerie brand is definitely on the cards, if I can help, I will certainly do so.

What else can I say?  Despite eating far too much while I was away I returned to a delicious hamper of Green&Blacks chocolate, I won £500 worth of underwear from the fabulous on line site Simply Yours (I went shopping frivolously today and I can’t even put in to words the enjoyment I got from it), I have a spa day planned with my Mom at Ragdale Hall some time next month and a year of enjoyment stemming from something that had made me so initially nervous.  My journey might sound like it’s ending but for me it’s really only just beginning.

If you ever doubt you should do something positive because it’s a challenge or you fear the consequences, please don’t, never ever regret not doing something.  I swear to myself that I never will again.

And now?  Do it Momma goes from strength to strength and my intention to add variety and fun in my life continues.  I only hope I can inspire other people to do the same.  That and the fact that I am expecting around £400 worth of underwear to be delivered to my house this week…I have a lot to look forward to!

Watch this space for what Momma does next!

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