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William, It Was Really Nothing

20th April, 2011

Named so because one, I love The Smiths, two, it was a pleasure to make and three, well…it says William on it.

I made this quilt for a lady that I have never met but someone I have had plenty of opportunity to talk to.  We used to work as clients within differing companies and then connected on Facebook.  She’s always been a strong supporter of mine despite the fact we’ve never met and has championed Do it Momma since the off.  I was honoured when she asked me to make this for a very close friend of hers who just had a baby and she wanted to show her personally how much she meant to her.  Hope it does the trick!  Here it is…

I added the name using a new method.  I stitched the lettering through three layers of fabric and cut around it both inside and out.  It adds a rough edge and you’re also able to see the patchwork underneath which is nice alternative.  The message in the bottom right corner is also stitched in the same fabric so lifts and doesn’t get lost in the patchwork.

Thank you Claire. x

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