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26th April, 2011

So, Do it Momma has been going for just over six months, I have over 500 followers on Facebook, 300 on Twitter, a fluctuating but hugely enjoyable stream of orders and most importantly, amazingly supportive friends and family.  Since setting the whole thing up, I have learned a lot about myself, my capabilities and what it is I really enjoy making.  I’ve experimented with new techniques, perfected old ones and created some items that I am really very proud of.

With all that in mind, it’s time to launch my first open competition…and it’s a biggie.  Momma doesn’t do things by halves!  However I don’t plan on making it easy for you to get your hands on the prize and you are going to have to use your imagination in order to win.  In this competition I am going to be giving away TWO cot quilts.  Yup, you read that right, not just one, but two quilts – one pink, one blue.  Not only am I giving them away, I am also going to personalise them with the name of choice for whomever wins.  The front of the quilts have both been made and are shown below:

They will be personalised, wadded, backed and finished once won.  That’s £150 worth of stock up for grabs!!  I’ve been experimenting with a different style of brick patchwork instead of the standard squares and am using this giveaway to showcase my first results.

Okay, okay I’ll now tell you how to get your hands on them!  All you have to do is guess what name I have given to them!  The blue quilt has a boys name, the pink a girls.  Simple really…but not easy, “it could be anything!” I hear you cry!  You’re right…but I’m not completely evil and so with every 50 additional followers I get on Facebook and Twitter, I will reveal a clue about the names and help you get that little bit closer to the right answer!  If you want to gain any insider knowledge about the quilts names, then you must spread the Do it Momma word.  I like to be honest in my promotion and networking ideas yet also like to give back to those who help me.  I hope you agree that the prizes in this competition reflect that.

Now to the rules, and there is only one of them…the competition is NOT open to my family.  They get most stuff done for free anyway so that would be ridiculously unfair!  Other than that you can guess as many times as you like  but I would like to ask that you keep it to one guess per day.  All you have to do is comment on either the blue or pink quilt photo within my competitions photo album on my FACEBOOK PAGE.  I have not told a single soul the names I have given the quilts so nothing can be leaked and no unfair advantages gained.  If you never get them I will take these names to my grave!

Remember, if you win, I will personalise the quilt for you with the name of your choice and post it to you as soon as I can.  If you live within the UK you will even get the postage for free!   I do have to ask that if you live elsewhere in the world that you pay a contribution to the airmail costs so please bear this in mind before you submit any entries. That said I also ask that if you win at a particularly busy time or for some reason I am away that you please be patient in waiting for delivery, I will get to it as soon as I can.

You can see more quilts that I have made and personalised HERE.  If you want to win your own…I suggest you get guessing!!

Enjoy!  Momma. x

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