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Capturing Closeness

27th January, 2011

I’m just starting out as a wedding photographer and with three solo jobs under my belt, eight in the calendar so far for 2011 and a large amount of creative confidence I am positive that the portfolio I am putting together will be worthy of future work.

As I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy taking photos of people.  Landscapes are breath taking and change with the weather, but dramatically they only alter slowly and over time throughout the seasons.  They also don’t tend to move unless it’s windy and sometimes that can create the effect you are after.  People however are prone to more than a little bit of change with a range of emotions, facial expressions and unpredictable external influences.

When I capture these moments I feel a real sense of achievement and at the same time if I miss it I feel deflated.  A genuine smile and laugh can’t be re played and I would never ask someone to try and do it again because the same effect will never be achieved.  I would rather wait around for the next one and see if I can do better next time.  Weddings can be exhausting in that sense as I spend the day on high alert yet at the end of it the results are more than worth it.

Going forward I want to experiment with tonal changes and filter effects in order to heighten the mood of my photographs.  If I end up with the best pictures on the day then editing them is a trial and error process that can’t really go wrong.

Take a look at my existing wedding galleries and watch this space through out the year for more.  Should you want a quote for your own wedding please email me on info@doitmomma.co.uk

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