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12th November, 2010

Do it Momma and I made the news!  OK, so Rutland is the country’s smallest county but our local rag in Britain’s oldest paper and I am in it!!  Can’t say I’ve done that since I was a kid.  Actually, it looks like it could be two papers as I made online in both The Rutland Times and The Rutland & Stamford Mercury.  The article is all about drumming up voting support for my NYC campaign, lets hope it gets me a few extra votes!


Do it Momma gets a nice little mention in there too…and I have to admit I feel awfully grown up being called a ‘businesswoman’!  Let out a little giggle in the paper shop when I read it.  Might pop on a big pair of sunglasses to hit Friday’s veggie market today and pretend to be a local celebrity!

I am of course kidding…………..


BUT THEN I WOKE UP TO FIND MYSELF ON THE FRONT PAGE!!  Image of Rutland Mercury.  So thankful to them for running it.  Also on page 11 of the Times.

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