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International Fashion – Amsterdam

1st November, 2010

Having just been whisked away for a surprise weekend in Amsterdam for my birthday I write to you hot off the press of fashion from the Dutch capital and can report that clogs and mullets are still a must have!

Black leather is certainly a staple for your autumn/winter wardrobe this year but I don’t think this is quite what Blumarine had in mind when they showed their black leather, tailored (and very flattering) trench coat…

It never ceases to amaze me that this look still hits the streets all over this diverse world of us but more power to you, I have complete respect.  *makes a rock sign and grimaces*

Besides this delight knits were big and reflected what was on the catwalk.  The chunkier the better and in layers too.  I got a lot of ideas for my own work with regards to knitted head bands that included floral detailing or ribbons for a feminine touch.  I thought I could transfer this to wrist bands and some legwarmers that I have in the pipeline for a friend.

With regards to me, I went for the clogs, and as yellow as they were so were the trees and a lot of the floor that was scattered with their lost leaves.  It’s a colour I always wish I could wear but unfortunately it looks like someone is holding a giant buttercup under my head as my entire face turns green.  Not a good look I am sure you will agree.

Who would like me to make them something yellow?  I am inspired by Amsterdam in autumn…

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