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Doing it all…

28th October, 2010

I’ve never really been a person that has a ten year plan, I’m more of a person that wants to just do it all.   And why not?  Well, it can be the noose around my neck but it’s actually just the smile that holds my heart.   Doing something different every day is the thing that gets me up in the morning.

I tend to think if something fabulous comes along it is for a reason and that I should grab it with both hands.  ‘Do it Momma’ is a mantra for that.  The name alone suggests you go for it, what ever it is, and I pass it out freely for you all to use it as your own mantra.

With regards to me, when opportunities arise I want to investigate.  What will they teach me?  Where will I go?  What would Momma say?  She’d probably say “do it”.

Which is exactly why last week I met with a wonderful woman who runs frequent visual and creative arts programmes for the purpose of empowering children who might be lacking in self confidence more than most.  I may have the opportunity to do some textiles and dress making with them soon which would be a fantastic experience for me and an invaluable job for the ‘Do it Momma’ enterprise.   I love volunteering with children and try to do it when ever I have the free time.  It’s fantastic that this job could be spent with those who need it and doing the thing that I love.

On a completely different note, I also entered what I can only describe as a competition but what leads to the job of a life time and the possibility of a GLOBAL ‘Do it Momma’!!

I entered a video in to Sunglass Hut’s search for a full time fabulous blogger.  Here you can see my crazy video and vote for me…should you want to of course…go on though, you know you want to DO IT MOMMA!!


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